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Do you know what your star sign is?

Do you know what your star sign is? I’m guessing most people do know that they are one of twelve signs of the zodiac. I have always known that my sun or star sign is Gemini. And most of my previous boyfriends have been fairly disinterested in the horoscopes that we read in papers, magazines, or websites. One previous boyfriend would read my horoscope to me from the free Metro newspaper and I would love listening out for clues to myself, only for him to then laugh and tell me he was reading out a different sign! Well I would get peed off and then decide to outwit him next time…. But unwittingly he was teaching me a lot about astrology which I have only recently discovered.

We are more than our star (or sun) sign!

Yes blindingly obvious in a way, but it is amazing how easily we forget that we are all unique human beings with different likes and dislikes, different experiences of childhood and adulthood, different tastes in food and culture, different in hundreds and thousands of different ways. But we also all share the umbrella of being human.

Each of us is a mixture of the traits of each of the 12 astrological signs, combined with the traits of the planets and moons and asteroids of the solar system including a lesser known planetoid named Chiron which was discovered in 1977. Chiron is the wounded healer and is a great tool to help get the best from a therapy session/(s). I’ll write more about this another time.

So to get a more accurate reading of your daily horoscope you could find out what your moon sign and your rising sign is and along with your star sign you can read all three descriptions and that would give you a more accurate reading of yourself. So when that boyfriend was reading out different signs he may well have unknowingly been reading something that was relevant to me.

My ability to display my ’peed off’ ness in romantic relationships, (but hidden in other areas of my life), has always been of curiosity to me , and discovering that my moon sign is Aries has helped me to understand myself and realise that actually it is a trait of mine that I do have a temper in relationship to my partner. And not everyone does. And rather than dismissing it and saying ‘I have an Aries moon, of course I have a temper’ I realise that every negative trait in the world can also have a powerful positive trait and it is this that I have been working with since the discovery of my Aries moon to live a more fulfilled, loving life in line with my core self.

Some positive traits of Aries is a surplus of energy, having an independent spirit that enjoys new challenges. Someone who “walks the walk” and doesn’t just “talk the talk”.

So my surplus of energy has been redirected (mostly) from my temper and focused on learning more about astrology as a wonderful psychological tool for self-discovery and self- empowerment for myself and for my clients.

Astrology has been used by civilisations from the 3rd millennium BC to help understand human events

Carl Jung (1875- 1961), who created the psychological categories introversion and extroversion which formed the basis for the popular Myer-Briggs personality tests described astrology as “the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity”. Jung could see how astrological birth charts reflected himself and his clients accurately and I have come to the same conclusion with myself, my family , my friends and my clients. It is a very efficient method for pinpointing the areas of our life that needs some attention at different times of our lives.

The debate about how it works is an ongoing one, but there seems to be a consensus that because humans used the moon, sun and stars and planets to monitor our time , there is something of ancestral knowledge of the archetypes of the objects in the birth chart that mean they are incredibly accurate tools to help us help ourselves.

If you would like to book in some therapy to deal with any issues that you are having, I can help you focus on the areas of your life that need some attention by the use of your birth chart, along with my 15 years experience as a psychotherapist. I have worked with many clients who experience dissociation. Using techniques from systemic constellations theory can be very useful to integrate the dissociated parts of ourselves that have been ignored and denigrated due to psychological trauma. Please get in touch with me on 07958

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